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When you sell your property, it can be a monumental decision.  The choices you make or don't make may heavily impact your overall success.  In the initial stages of selling, you will have several questions.

We are readily available to meet with you directly to answer your specific questions and assist you through each step of selling your current property and the purchase of your next one.

There are numerous elements to keep in mind when selling your home.  However, don't be discouraged, you won't be on your own.  We will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are on the right path.

Getting Started
The first step is to determine the approximate value of your property.  Syan Real Estate offers a free home valuation. This valuation will give you an idea of what your property may be worth.

Preparing Your Property
The second step is to prepare your property for sale.  To acconplish this, you will first need to remove your emotional attachment to the property.  It's necessary to allow your real estate agent's experience to determine your best options instead of allowing the sentimental value that you may have for your property to do the decision making.

Next, you will need to depersonalize your property.  This allows potential buyers to view the property in a way that makes it feel as though it could be their own.

To achieve this, you will need to remove any and all clutter, personal photos as well as items or decor that gives it your own personal touch.  You may wish to consider a storage facility or a moving sale to eliminate any unnecessary items.  Simply placing clutter and/or personal items in a box and storing it in the garage or attic, won't free up the necessary space to fully display your property.  Your real estate agent can help point out items that are best removed or rearranged.

Then, making necessary repairs and doing routine maintenance is recommended.  Fixing leaky faucets, applying a fresh coat of paint or pulling weeds are some things that may need special attention.  Remember, potential buyers need to see your property at its best.

Remove Items From The Property
This step will save a lot of misunderstanding and possible trouble when potential buyers come to view your property.  If you intend to take personal items (e.g. antique chandelier, etc.) currently attached to the property with you when you move, it's recommended that they are removed prior to the property being shown.

If during the buyer's final walk-through, they notice the beautiful chandelier, backyard fountain or other specific fixtures that became factors in their decision are now missing, they may pull out of the sale.  We understand that all items may not be able to be removed, with that, we can make special notes on your listing that indicate the items do not convey with the property.

Maintain The Property's Condition
This step is very important.  Once you have prepared the property for sale, it is imperative that the property is preserved in the same condition for each prospective buyer that comes to view it.

This includes leaving all the lights on, blinds open and curtains drawn every time you leave the property, even if it's for a quick drive to the store.  First impressions can be critical in this industry.  You don't want a potential buyer to view the property when it isn't properly displayed.

Remain Flexible
When selling, remaining flexible is as important as being patient.  An outright acceptance of the listing price may not always be the case.  You may receive an offer that is sensibly within range of your asking price.  You can always submit a counter offer that mutually benefits both parties rather than automatically rejecting it.

Accepting an offer reasonably within range of your listing price, may be more beneficial than continuing to pay the monthly mortgage payment and waiting for another potential buyer.

For a FREE consultation or FREE property valuation, call, text us at (505) 730-8181 or e-mail us at info@syan.com.


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